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20Ft Shipping Containers

We Are One Of The Largest Suppliers Of 20FT Builds 

Removalists favor 20ft High Cubes because of the additional internal height, providing more packing room.

We also favor these for making adjustments to eateries and other modified containers.

They’re nevertheless ideal for storing general-purpose items on a daily basis.

They are 6 meters long, 2.9 meters tall, and 2.4 meters wide (external dimensions – Cubic Capacity 38 m3).

Technical Requirements
The Following Are The Specifications For A 20Ft High
Cube Shipping Container (9″ 6/ 2.9M High):

  • 605.8 cm external length
  • 243.84cm external width
  • 289.6cm external height
  • 589.8 cm internal length
  • 235.2cm internal width
  • 270.0cm internal height
  • 37m3 capacity
  • Weight of the tare: 2,315 kg
  • Maximum payload: 28,165 kg
  • Maximum loaded weight: 30,480 kg
high cube shipping containers

What Does A 20-Foot Shipping Container Hold? 

One of the most frequent cargo container sizes is a 20′ metal shipping container. The other most typical length is 40 feet. What’s the accurate size of a 20-foot shipping container? According to industry norms, a 20-foot shipping container may hold a one- or two-bedroom apartment or one conventional passenger vehicle.

The Following Features Are Included With All Of Our 20-Foot Shipping Containers:

  • Corrugated walls add further robustness to the all-steel design.
  • Marine-grade hardwood flooring.
  • Wide-opening heavy-duty doors (270 degrees).
  • Lashing points for securing things on the floor.

Other features can be added upon request to meet specific requirements.

The Advantages Of Considering 20-foot Shipping Containers For Sale

  • Shipping containers are designed to resist the harsh conditions of the open sea, making them tough and long-lasting.
  • Cargo, conversion, and storage are possibilities for the 20ft shipping container.
  • Sea container conversions allow us to build structures out of reused old shipping containers, enhancing resource efficiency and reducing waste.
  • A substantial medium-sized container fits in most vacant sites.
  • A fantastic way to store or transport personal items.
  • Ground-level containers make it simple to enter and exit safely.
  • Lock them up in order to store construction tools, materials, and vehicles safely and securely.
  • Protect your materials from the elements.
  • Portable and relocatable to fit your needs and reasonably priced.
  • The new home building movement is popular in the retail, restaurant, and construction industries.

How Much Does A 20Ft Shipping Container Will Cost You?

The price of 20-foot container high cube units changes frequently and is mostly determined by the amount of units available at any particular time. Because high cube units are less common than standard height units, an individual high cube is usually more expensive than a standard height container of comparable length.

We need your specific delivery location (postcode) during the inquiry stage to give you an accurate price. This will allow us to determine the finest container depot from which to choose your container and provide precise delivery pricing.